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LMDA AGAR (Lee's Multi-Differential Agar) 500 grams/bottle

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LMDA Agar is a nutrient medium that detects most organisms commonly found in the brewery. Beer is not a very appropriate medium for the development of bacteria due to its characteristics, such as the low quantity of available nutrients, the presence of alcohol, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, as well as low conservation temperatures. Beer filtration and pasteurization phases also contribute to the stabilization of the product against microorganisms. The number of genera and species which usually contaminate it is limited. As is the case with wild yeasts, the contaminating bacteria cause turbidity and generate anomalous smells. Acid producing bacteria can be identified by the presence of a clear zone around the colonies. Further identification is facilitated by the characteristic color reactions. cycloheximide can be added to the medium to inhibit the growth of culture yeast. If you wish to detect yeasts, dont add cycloheximide and incubate under the same conditions (time and temp) in aerobic conditions.
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