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About Us

We offer products and solutions for laboratories, chemical analysis, life-science, healthcare and biomedical research, testing and applications.

The Chemopharm group of companies are collectively a leading group of regional scientific and healthcare product distributors specializing in the provision of laboratory supplies, reagents, furniture and systems as well as equipment, instrumentation and lab-informatics software.

We offer solutions for chemical analysis, life science, clinical diagnostics and biomedical, and also process industries.

Chemopharm is also a part of the Everlife Group, Asia’s leading and most trusted distribution platforms of medical devices and laboratory equipment and supplies.


To become the most trusted partner in delivering expectations and solutions to our stakeholders.


To identify, attract, develop and retain talent to create a strong talent pool from which a quality, self-renewing leadership will continually propel the Group to achieve:

 •  Sustainable performance
 •  Financial strength to support a strong growth engine
 •  The ability to weather storms
 •  The perfect partner of choice


  • We believe in fulfilling our commitment to our customers, our partners and towards each other. We take personal responsibility for our actions.
  • We are committed because we believe what we do makes a difference to others.


  • We are relentless in our pursuit in delivering quality in our products, service and our work.
  • We will constantly strive to be better and to challenge ourselves for greater heights.


  • We take pride and confidence in ourselves, our work & overcoming challenges and obstacles till we achieve our success.
  • We are driven by passion and creating an environment that we are proud to work in.


  • We believe in working together closely at all levels and across locations, leveraging our capabilities, strengthening our teams and supporting one another.
  • We will build our teams by showing genuine concern for others; treating people with respect, with understanding and appreciation.


  • We believe that Trust is the foundation of our Company.
  • We ensure that trust is built and kept through honesty, communication, cooperation & openness in all that we do.


  • We will conduct ourselves with high standards of excellence and ethics.
  • We will demonstrate integrity by living up to our word, doing the right thing, working through challenging issues and honoring our commitments to our customers and to our team members./li>