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NUTRIENT AGAR with SODIUM CHLORIDE (ISO 21528-1) 500 grams/bottle

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Nutrient Agar with Sodium Chloride is a medium recommended by the ISO normative 21528 for the confirmation of Enterobacteriaceae. Peptone and Beef extract provide nitrogen, vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for growth. Sodium chloride supplies essential electrolytes for transport and osmotic balance. Bacteriological agar is the solidifying agent. This medium is used after enrichment in BPW (Cat. 1402) and subculture in VRBG Agar (Cat. 1093). Select well-isolated characteristic colonies from a 24 hours incubated at 37 ºC plate of VRBG AGAR and inoculate in Nutrient Agar with Sodium chloride. If more than one morphology is present in the colonies, select one colony of each morphology to subculture. After 24 ± 2 hours at 37ºC, select a well-isolated colony from each of the incubated plates for the biochemical confirmation tests. If any of the selected typical colonies is oxidase-negative and glucose-positive, the tube from which the subculture was derived shall be regarded as being positive for Enterobacteriaceae.
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