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Nitrate Motility Medium Base is a confirmatory test medium for presumptive Clostridium perfringens colonies, that measures nitrate reduction and motility by various types of microorganisms. This test is specific for Clostridium perfringens in that it is non-motile and reduces nitrates to nitrites. Nitrate reduction to nitrites, or some other nitrogenous compound such as Nitrogen (N2), by the nitrate reductase enzyme is a valuable criterion for differentiating and identifying various types of bacteria. Motility is demonstrated by a diffused growth away from the stab line or inoculation spot. Non-motile organisms grow only amongst the stab line. Casein peptone and beef extract provide the nitrogen, minerals and amino acids nutrients essential for bacterial growth. Galactose is the fermentable carbohydrate as an energy source. Disodium phosphate acts as a buffer system. Potassium nitrate provides additional nutrients. Bacteriological agar is the solidifying agent.
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