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Pumphead Mflex F/PTFE Tubing

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Ideal for high-purity fluids and aggressive organic solvents
  • PTFE tubing is the only wetted part ensuring fluid purity and excellent chemical compatibility
  • Delivers a wide range of flow rates at pressures up to 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Six-roller pump head with adjustable occlusion—tighten occlusion for higher pressure, loosen for longer tubing life


The PTFE tubing pump head is ideal for applications such as filtration, chemical injection, or high-purity sampling. It is compatible with L/S drives that accept two or more pump heads with a 1/10 hp minimum. For best results operate at 1 to 300 rpm.

PTFE pump head uses 4- or 6-mm OD rigid PTFE-tubing sets—order PTFE-tubing sets separately. The 4 mm OD tubing set has a flow rate of 0.06 to 17 mL/min at 1 to 300 rpm while the 6 mm set has a flow rate of 0.25 to 65 mL/min. This pump head uses Masterflex PTFE-tubing sets 77390-50 and 77390-60 only.
Note: do not pump gases or run dry for extended periods; run dry to prime only.

Specifications & Description

  • Pump SeriesL/S
  • Number of Channels1
  • Max Flow Rate (mL/min)65
  • Min Flow Rate (mL/min)0.06
  • Max Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min)65
  • Min Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min)0.06
  • Housing MaterialAnodized Aluminum
  • Tubing RetentionAutomatic
  • OcclusionAdjustable
  • Optimum RPM Range (rpm)0.02 to 300
  • RollersSix; stainless steel
  • Rotor MaterialStainless Steel
  • Suction Lift (ft)8
  • Suction Lift (m)2.4
  • Gear Ratio1:1
  • Tubing sizes accepted4-mm or 6-mm OD PTFE Tubing Sets
  • Volume Per Revolution With 4-mm OD Tubing (mL)0.06
  • Volume Per Revolution With 6-mm OD Tubing (mL)0.22
  • Length (in)2.625
  • Width (in)3.25
  • Height (in)5.25
  • Length (mm)67
  • Width (mm)83
  • Height (mm)131
  • Open-Head SensorNo
  • DescriptionL/S Rigid PTFE-Tubing Pump Head
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