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Pumphead L/S Easy-Load 3 SS

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mounting plate/adapter kit for L/S pump drives

Flow range 0.06 to 2300 mL/min—flow rate depends on drive rpm and tubing size
Twist-lock mounting feature lets you mount and stack heads in seconds
Included mounting plate adapts Easy-Load 3 to L/S drives — locking tab secures pump head during operation in either direction
Same side tubing entry/exit permits easy integration into space-limited applications — mount and operate pump head in any of four positions—depending on drive
Suitable for use with Masterflex L/S Precision tubing
Rotor is constructed of stainless steel (SS) for enhanced durability

The design of the Easy-Load 3 features an automatic retention mechanism that makes loading and unloading tubing easier than ever. The spring-loaded occlusion lever opens the occlusion bed and simultaneously retracts the tubing retainers so that tubing slips right in. Close the lever and start the pump — the retainers automatically grip and hold the tubing securely in place. The occlusion bed applies optimal occlusion force and the wide occlusion angle prevents fluid backflow up to the rated pressure of the tubing.

Compatible with precision pump tubing accepting all six precision tubing sizes — L/S 13, L/S 14, L/S 16, L/S 25, L/S 17, and L/S 18.

Specifications & Description
Pump Series - L/S
Number of Channels - 1
Max Flow Rate (mL/min) - 2300
Min Flow Rate (mL/min) - 0.0012
Max Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min) - 2300
Min Flow Rate Per Channel (mL/min) - 0.0012
Housing Material - Polypropylene (PP)
Tubing Retention - Automatic
Occlusion - Fixed
Optimum RPM Range (rpm) - 0.02 to 600
Rollers - Three; stainless steel
Rotor Material - Stainless Steel
Suction Lift (ft) - 29
Suction Lift (m) - 8.8
Gear Ratio - 1:1
Tubing sizes accepted - L/S 13, L/S 14, L/S 16, L/S 25, L/S 17, L/S 18
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 13 Tubing (mL) - 0.06
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 14 Tubing (mL) - 0.21
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 16 Tubing (mL) - 0.8
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 25 Tubing (mL) - 1.7
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 17 Tubing (mL) - 2.8
Volume Per Revolution With L/S 18 Tubing (mL) - 3.8
Length (in) - 3.125
Width (in) - 3.45
Height (in) - 4.75
Length (mm) - 78
Width (mm) - 88
Height (mm) - 121
Open-Head Sensor - No
Description - L/S Easy-Load 3 pump head for precision tubing, SS rotor.

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