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LIVER AGAR 500 grams/bottle

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Liver Agar is used to grow Brucella and other fastidious pathogens in foods. Whilst most strains of Brucella will grow on chocolate or blood agar, this medium is preferred due to the high nutrient base permitting an extensive growth of Brucella and other fastidious pathogens. The growth of most of anaerobic bacteria is promoted by the growth nutrients and stimulants such as nitrogen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids contained in the Liver agar. Dextrose is the source of fermentable carbohydrate for carbon and energy. In low concentrations, Starch absorbs any toxic metabolites produced. Bacteriological agar is the solidifying agent. Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease with a domestic animal reservoir. The usual route of transmission is by milk, milk products, meat and direct contact with infected animals.
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