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Cooked Meat Medium is a non-selective medium used for the maintenance of anaerobic cultures, subculture of pathogenic Clostridia species and as an enrichment medium to recover low populations of obligate anaerobes. Cooked Meat Medium is a well established medium for the cultivation of anaerobic and aerobic organisms. FDA has recommended this medium for enumeration and identification of Clostridium perfringens from foods. Bacteria hydrolyzing glucose rapidly acidify the medium and produce gas without digesting the meat. Proteolytic strains break the meat down to amino acids causing a blackening and a putrid smell due to of sulphur compounds. In the prepared medium, two phases can be defined: solid particles in the bottom and a transparent amber liquid over them. Meat particles provide good circumstances for forming microenvironment that help anaerobic growth deeper in the medium. Aerobs grow at the top of the medium.
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