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Cart SS 2 Shelf 21in x 35in

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Designed to reduce body strain. Vertical push handles keep hands in a comfortable position, reducing stress on arms and wrists. Padding on the handles (all models except 47520-00 and -02) absorbs vibrations and ensures a good grip. The bottom shelf is placed 20" from the floor to prevent potential back strain.

Specifications & Description

  • Length (in)22
  • Width (in)39.125
  • Height (in)44.5
  • Length (cm)55.88
  • Width (cm)99.38
  • Height (cm)113.03
  • Shelf Length (in)21
  • Shelf Width (in)35
  • Shelf Length (cm)53.34
  • Shelf Width (cm)88.9
  • Number of Shelves2
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Capacity (lbs)500
  • Capacity (kg)227
  • Caster Size (in)5
  • DescriptionErgonomic SS cart without guard rails; 35" x 21", 2 shelves, 500 lb capacity
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