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Alicyclobacillus Detection Agar is a medium for the detection of Aliclyciclobacillus spp. in fruit juices. Alicyclobacillus is a genus of Gram-positive, rod-shaped, spore-forming, bacteria. The bacteria are able to grow in acidic conditions, while the spores are able to survive typical pasteurization procedures. Alicyclobacillus are strictly aerobic, acidophilic, thermophilic, soil-dwelling organisms, with an optimum growth at temperatures between 4260 °C at a pH of 3.5 4.5 (growth range pH 2.2 5.8). Their spores survive for long periods in fruit concentrates and similar environments. Spoilage of shelf-stable fruit juice products by Alicyclobacillus bacteria can be very costly. It is therefore important that concentrates and other raw materials are screened for spores of these taint producers to reduce the risk of spoilage of processed products. Its presence in packaged products can cause flavor alterations. They do not produce gas or cause any change in the appearance of the beverage container, and therefore the spoilage is discovered only when the consumer opens and begins to consume the product. Fortunately, Alicyclobacillus are not pathogenic bacteria. D(+) Glucose is the fermentable carbohydrate providing carbon and energy. Yeast extract is source of vitamins, particularly the B-group. Monopotassium phosphate acts as a buffer system. The medium is especially characterized by the presence of many trace elements which supply all of the specific requirements for these bacteria. pH value and the high incubation temperature inhibit the contaminating flora. Bacteriological agar is the solidifying agent. A.acidoterrestris can be differentiated from A.acidocaldarius by incubating cultures at 30, 45 and 65 ºC. A.acidoterrestris does not grow at 65 ºC and A.acidocaldarius does not grow at 30 ºC.
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