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sLB BROTH (BUFFERED) 500 grams/bottle

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sLB Broth (Buffered) has been formulated to significantly increase cellular density when compared to the traditional LB Broth. In the standard LB Broth, E. coli cells reach an abrupt stationary phase upon consumption of nutrients contained in the medium. Cell multiplication is stopped, some cell die and plasmid are lost. Based on the findings of extensive research, our laboratories have developed a new formulation using a proprietary peptone mixture, yeast extract and salts which allow recombinant E. coli cells to have a higher growth. At the end of the log phase replication continues, thus obtaining higher DNA plasmid yields. sLB Broth cultures have shown cell stability up to 3 days without cell death, being this one a more convenient medium that eliminates the need of constant attention. E.colis growth is higher in sLB and buffered sLB Broths than in standard LB after 3 days at 37 ºC. The special peptone mixture, yeast extract, agar and salts supply essential growth factors such as nitrogen, carbon, sulfurs, minerals and vitamins, particularly the B group. Sodium chloride supplies essential electrolytes: Sodium ions for transport and osmotic balance.
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