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Shaker Disruptor Genie 230V

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Enhanced vortex action for maximum high-speed mixing and agitating
  • Solid metal casing with rubber feet prevents shaker from -walking- across your benchtop


Universal microtube holder for twelve 1.5- or 2-mL snap or screw-top microtubes. Power cord and plug (no plug on 230 VAC model).


Disruptor Genie Shaker is ideal for use in cold rooms or incubators. Disruptor features dramatically increased disruption efficiency - ideal for difficult cell disruptions/homogenizations. Simple to use-just set the timer for desired run time. The multidirectional action simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed. The single high-speed agitation eliminates operator variability.

Specifications & Description

  • Max Speed (rpm): 2850
  • Width (in): 4.875
  • Height (in): 7.5
  • Depth (in): 6.5
  • Width (cm): 12.3825
  • Height (cm): 19.05
  • Depth (cm): 16.51
  • Power (VAC): 230
  • Power (Hz): 50
  • Power (amps): 0.5
  • Description: Disruptor Shaker with Timer, 2850 rpm, 230 VAC
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