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Pumphead Masterflex Standard #73 PC/SS

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Best accuracy and repeatability of any I/P pump head—ideal for dispensing and metering
  • Each model is optimized for a single tube size to maximize performance and tubing life
  • Cost effective pump head is an excellent choice for dedicated applications
  • Stack two pump heads to double flow rate
  • Accommodates I/P 73 tubing Constructed of polycarbonate and stainless steel

Specifications & Description

  • Pump Series - I/P
  • Number of Channels - 1
  • Max Flow Rate (GPM) - 2.1
  • Min Flow Rate (GPM) - 0.002
  • Max Flow Rate (LPM) - 8
  • Min Flow Rate (LPM) - 0.001
  • Housing Material - Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Tubing Retention - Manual
  • Occlusion - Fixed
  • Optimum RPM Range (rpm) - 0.1 to 650
  • Rollers - 3
  • Rotor Material - Stainless Steel
  • Gear Ratio - 1:1
  • Tubing sizes accepted - I/P 73
  • Volume Per Revolution With I/P 73 Tubing (mL) - 12.3
  • Length (in) - 3.3125
  • Width (in) - 5.2
  • Height (in) - 5.5
  • Length (mm) - 85
  • Width (mm) - 132
  • Height (mm) - 139
  • Open-Head Sensor - No
  • Description - I/P Standard Pump Head for I/P 73 Tubing, Polycarbonate Housing, SS Rotor


single channel mounting hardware, replaceable tang boot for quiet operation and long service life, and tubing loading key. To mount two pump heads on a single drive, order dual channel mounting hardware 07019-96 under "Accessories".


The Standard pump head’s classic design ensures the most accurate and repeatable performance—important in dispensing applications. A 360-degree precision molded occlusion body ensures optimum accuracy and long tubing life. Select from PC housing with CRS or SS rotor, or PPS housing with SS rotor. PC is economical and transparent, while PPS offers enhanced chemical resistance. SS rotors feature PTFE-sealed SS bearings for long life and reduced maintenance; CRS rotors have shielded bearings. The design of the standard pump head enables the most precise dispensing accuracy of any MASTERFLEX pump head
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