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Platforms 20X24in SS

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Enhance the performance of your balances with a vibration-free tabletop
  • Low profile passive- or active-air designs
  • Excellent horizontal isolation
  • ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) cleanroom compatible

Specifications & Description

  • Width (in)24
  • Depth (in)20
  • DescriptionVibration-Free Platform, Feromagnetic Stainless 20" x 24" Active-Air


These platforms reduce vibration and shock when using precision testing equipment, such as balances. There are two configurations, the passive-air and active-air platforms. The passive-air design requires an optional hand pump if an air source is not available. It requires periodic manual leveling. The active-air design requires an air source (not included) for use. It is a self-leveling unit and recommended for regular use. The load capacity on all models is 200 lb.

Model 01019-47 is the enhanced version of all of the platforms: It incorporates multistage horizontal isolation for applications where horizontal vibrations are a problem.

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