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GF/B GMF Circles 2.5cm/100

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Whatman brand Grade GF/B is a thick filter with fine particle filter and good loading capacity. GF/B filters are particularly useful for liquid clarification and liquid scintillation counting.

  • Nominal particle retention of 1.0 µm
  • Appropriate for liquid clarification and/or liquid scintillation

Cytiva offers a wide range of glass microfiber filters to support your analyses. See the Whatman range of glass, binder-free filters to find the thickness and particle retention for your application.

GF/B fine particle filter benefits
Liquid scintillation counting requires a fine particle filter, preferably with a high loading capacity. Grade GF/B filters from Cytiva's business are ideal for this and similar applications such as waste characterization and liquid clarification for suspended solids analysis.

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