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Gas Purifier

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Low-cost gas purifier removes moisture, oil, and impurities from gases before analysis


Allows a maximum flow rate of 300 LPH and a maximum working pressure of 100 psi. Half of the polycarbonate column is filled with 250 mL of indicating Drierite producing a terminal dryness of 0.005 mg/liter. The other half contains 250 mL of 5 Å molecular sieves for removal of trace impurities. Total capacity is 500 mL. Both inlet and outlet fittings are 316 stainless steel, 1/8" Swagelock fittings. A 40-µm, 316 stainless steel outlet screen assembly prevents particulate migration. Drierite may be regenerated, or order the refill kit.

Specifications & Description

  • Diameter (in): 2.625
  • Diameter (cm): 6.6
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Description: Gas Purifier, 300 L/hr, 100 psi
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