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Filter Cartridge 30um

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Design offers higher flow rates and dirt-loading capacities than spun or wound depth cartridges, especially when removing lower micron-sized particles
  • Remove non-gelatinous particles that fall into a narrow size range, typically in post filtration or polishing applications


Pleated cartridges separate viscous sediments and flat particulates. Use polyester cartridges for water filtration and polypropylene cartridges with harsher chemicals. Plastisol end caps.

Note: Cartridges are for sediment filtration only; they will not remove bacteria.

Specifications & Description

  • Filter Media: Polypropylene
  • Micron Rating: 30
  • Filter Length (in): 10
  • Description: Filter cartridge, “-, 10", pleated polypropylene, 30 µm
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