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Electroporation System

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Exponential decay, square wave, and electro cell manipulation systems
  • A great alternative to PEG chemical method
  • Increased efficiencies and cell viability
  • Fast and easy-to-use protocols offer improved reproducibility—independent of operator skill


Choose from a comprehensive line of instruments and accessories for both electroporation and electrofusion of mammalian, bacterial, yeast, fungi, insect, and plant cells and tissue. Designed specifically for cutting-edge applications such as adherent cell electroporation, high-throughput cloning, and large-volume electroporation.

This electroporation system specifically designed to produce the precise field strengths and pulse lengths required for the transfection of mammalian and transformation of bacterial and yeast cells. This model utilizes the new power platform technology and novel digital user interface. The single-dial encoder simplifies the operation. It is portable, convenient, and user-friendly.

What's included: stated generator or electro cell manipulator; cuvette safety stand; and 20-position numbered cuvette rack.

Specifications & Description

  • Resistance: 150 O
  • Wave Form: Exponential decay
  • Low Voltage Mode - Pulse Length: 26 msec
  • Low Voltage Mode - Capacitance: 1050 µF
  • Low Voltage Mode - Voltage: 2 to 500 V (2V)
  • High Voltage Mode - Pulse Length: 5 msec
  • High Voltage Mode - Capacitance: 36 µF
  • High Voltage Mode - Voltage: 10 to 2500 (10V)
  • Length (in): 12 1/4
  • Height (in): 5 1/2
  • Width (in): 12 1/2
  • Length (cm): 31.1
  • Height (cm): 14
  • Width (cm): 31.8
  • Power (VAC): 100 to 240
  • Power (Hz): 50/60
  • Description: Electroporation system, exponential decay
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