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Dewar Storage 35L

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Safely store samples up to eleven months without replenishing Liquid Nitrogen


These Dewars with canister and rack storage systems offer long-term, cost-effective storage for cells, tissues, and other biological samples. Canisters hold samples in either the vapor or liquid phase depending on the liquid nitrogen level. Temperatures are maintained from –184°C under the closed necktube core to –196°C at the liquid nitrogen level.

Choose from seven different capacities and three different neck diameters to suit your storage requirements. Dewar models 03778-36, -41 and 03779-31 require less frequent liquid nitrogen refilling for long-term, worry-free storage.

All models feature lightweight construction for easy handling. Ribbed-body design and high-strength aluminum construction ensure durability.

Each Dewar comes with canisters or racks to hold any combination of cryogenic vials, tubes, or sample containers. Canister handles are numbered for easy identification and trouble-free sample retrieval. To transport your Dewars easily, order an optional roller base below.
Use measuring rod 03778-60 (sold separately) to determine and maintain correct liquid nitrogen level.

Specifications & Description

  • Volume (Liters): 35
  • Neck Inside Diameter (ID) (in): 4 11/16
  • Neck Inside Diameter (ID) (cm): 11.9
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (in): 18 13/16
  • Outside Diameter (OD) (cm): 47.8
  • Static Holding Time (days): 130
  • Evaporation (Liters/day): 0.27
  • Height (in): 26 5/16
  • Description: Cryogenic Storage Dewar System, 35 L; 6 Canisters
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