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Cap 96Well Natural Sterile 50/cs

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Secure samples within your 96-well microplates


Polystyrene lides come with condensation rings for enhanced sample security. These are compatible with plates 01929-32, -33, -34, and -38.
96-well caps, models 01929-54 and -56 create a tight seal, but are easy to peel off without aerosols—reducing the risk of well-to-well contamination. Caps are pierceable by hypodermic needles without compromising seal. These are compatible with 96-well microplates 01929-32 and -33 sold separatley.
Plate sealing tap 01929-12 minimizes moisture loss from samples during storage.

Specifications & Description

  • Description: 96-Well Caps for 96-Well Microplates, Sterile
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