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Bunsen Burner FireStar XT

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INCLUDES What’s included: footswitch pedal, burner head, natural gas nozzle, propane/butane nozzle, 10-mm tubing adapter, inoculating loop holder, burner head screwdriver, gas connection wrench, tilt mechanism, and universal power adapter.
KEY FEATURES Automatic gas valve shut off if the flame extinguishes Burner head detects faulty, clogged, or missing burner heads and protects against overheating Residual heat display illuminates and warns users if the burner head is hot Control both gas and air flow for a broad range of flame temperatures Use either your house gas line or disposable gas cartridges (adapters sold separately) Operate through the use of a footswitch—FireStar™ XT may also be turned on and off through a touch-free IR sensor MORE ABOUT THIS ITEM These advanced Bunsen burners are compact, versatile, and designed for safety. Operate with either house gas or purchase adapters to use with disposable gas cartridges. Adjust gas and air flow with the separate control knobs to obtain a wide range of flame temperatures and intensity—great for any laboratory application. Both models feature automatic gas valve shut off should the flame extinguish, overheating protection, warning light if the head is hot, and burner head control that detects faulty, clogged or missing burner heads. Operate with the built in touch-free, IR sensor, the on/off button, or the optional footswitch. An animated-graphic, digital display is easy to read and program. Program burn time, in any mode, from 1 second and 2 hours. Prevent Accidental ignition from the IR sensor with the “DoubleClick” safety feature, requiring two hand passes instead of just one. Additional safety features include monitored burn time, gas consumption, and zero pressure shut off. Specifications & Description Gas Type – Natural, propane, and butane Inlet Tube OD (in) – 0.375 Power (VAC) – 100 to 240 Power (Hz) – 50/60 Description – Bunsen Burner XT with IR Sensor
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