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Buffer pH 10 4L Cole-Parmer NIST Traceable

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NIST-traceable reference materials include a calibration report from an ISO 17034 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • Choose from clear or color-coded standards from common calibration points
  • 4 L (128 fl.oz.) capacity
  • Calibrate at pH 10


Oakton pH buffers are compared against, and are traceable to, NIST Standard Reference Materials. Each bottle includes a NIST-traceable calibration report stating accuracy at 25°C to ±0.010 pH. Color-coded and colorless buffers are available in 500-mL, 1-L, or 4-L packaging sizes. Additional values and packaging sizes are available. Store at room temperature.

Certified Reference Materials (CRM) meet federal, state, and or local agencies’ strictest mandates, and deliver exact calibration results for any pH meter. A2LA ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (1750.01) (Calibration Laboratory) and ISO Guide 34 (Certified Reference Material Producer) provide highest achievable levels of product production, documentation, and accuracy. Additional accreditations include ISO 31 (content) and ISO 35 (statistical analysis). ISO 9001 ensures that world-class product standards for Materials are always met.

Traceable products are calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and ready to use as soon as you receive it. Each product goes through an intense vetting process before it can carry the Traceable name, and it includes NIST-traceable certification. T
his means that a 17025-accredited calibration test lab has confirmed that the product meets or exceeds all stated specifications, saving you both time and money by not having to calibrate separately. NIST-traceable calibration also helps you meet quality standards and regulatory compliance for ISO, FDA, cGMP, VFC, CAP, CLIA and Joint Commission requirements.

Specifications & Description

  • Buffer Value10.005
  • Volume (mL)4000
  • ColorClear
  • DescriptionTraceable pH Standard Buffer with Calibration, Clear, pH 10, 4 L
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