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8-Channel VIAFLO II Electronic Pipette, 5-125uL

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VIAFLO: Electronic single and multichannel pipettes

The perfect pipetting system

Do your pipette tips ever loosen, leak or fall off This is a common issue in laboratories, caused by the use of universal pipette tips. Such tips require “hammering on” which stretches the shape of the pipette tip rim. The stretched pipette tip rim immediately starts moving back to its original shape and away from the tip cone. This can cause leaking, misaligned tips and even pipette tips that completely fall off the pipette!

Solving many issues of traditional manual pipetting, VIAFLO electronic pipettes excel in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and productivity:

  • GripTip System
  • Convenient Operation & Navigation
  • Various Pipetting Modes
  • Possibility to Automate
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