Membrane Filters RC 58 Pore Size 0.2um 47mm (WS/MI/A/10410312)


RM 1,193.00


Cytiva’s Whatman regenerated cellulose membrane filters are microporous cellulose acetate filters made without wetting agents. RC60 offers low extractables and wide compatibility in both organic and aqueous media.

Regenerated Cellulose Membrane (RC58), 0.2 µm pore size, 47 mm circle (100 pcs)

  • Spontaneous wetting with very good wet strength
  • Chemical resistance suitable for a wide range of aqueous and organic media
  • Mechanically stable with low protein binding
  • Low extractable levels to minimize sample contamination
  • Can be sterilized by all common methods

Versatile regenerated cellulose syringe filter membranes

Syringe filters require high-quality microporous membrane filters that minimally impact sample analysis with extractable impurities.

Regenerated cellulose membrane filters from Cytiva’s business have broad solvent compatibility, and they contribute very low extractable material in a wide variety of sample solvents. Thus, they are appropriate for sample preparation in many applications and as a standalone or syringe filter membrane.