589/2 White Circles 125mm 100/pk (WS/MA/A/10300111)


RM 417.00


Whatman Grade 589/2 filters from Cytiva are used in routine quantitative analyses, including analysis of aqueous suspension in paper, flour analysis, and sand content quantification.

 Grade 589/2 Medium Fine Precipitate Filter, 125 mm circle (100 pcs)

  • High purity (< 0.01% ash)
  • Retention of medium fine precipitates, such as grains of sand
  • Herzberg filtration speed of 140 s*
  • ‘White ribbon filter’

*The time taken to filter 100 ml water (20°C) through a filter area of 10 cm² at a constant pressure of 5 cm water column

Whatman quantitative filters from Cytiva’s business are designed for gravimetric analysis. Grade 589/2 Whatman ashless filter paper can also be purchased as pre-pleated 589/2 ½ sheets.


General filtration with quantitative papers

Grade 589/2 ashless filter paper can be used when medium fine precipitates are being collected and papers must be ashed to support analysis. Grade 589/2 is suitable for a variety of routine quantitative analysis methods, such as determination of the sand content in foodstuffs, flour analysis, and aqueous suspension analysis in the paper industry.