Autovial 5 Filter 0.45um PTFE/50 (WH/MI/BO/AV115NPUORG)


RM 2,524.00


Whatman Autovial Syringeless Filters

Single device consists of a plunger and a graduated filter barrel with a choice of filtration media

The Whatman Autovial Syringeless Filter replaces multiple syringe-coupled sample filtration devices with a single, disposable unit.

  • Available in 5 or 12 mL capacity
  • Single unit convenience – pre-assembled and easy to load
  • Self-contained, preventing filter pop-off with hazardous samples
  • Range of sterile or nonsterile membrane media available
  • Built-in air purge maximizes sample recovery
  • Glass fiber or polypropylene prefilter in selected 12 mL models – for difficult-to-filter samples
  • Choice of glass fiber or polypropylene prefilters.
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