PM 2.5 Filter 2.0um PTFE 46.22mm/50 (WH/MI/AO/7592104)

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Cytiva’s Whatman PM2.5 PTFE membrane filters are designed for PM2.5 air monitoring. These high-purity, thin filtration devices are sequentially numbered and housed in chemically resistant polypropylene support rings for robotic air sampling.

PM2.5 PTFE Membrane Filter, 46.2 mm with support ring, sequentially numbered (50 pcs)

Cytiva’s Whatman PM2.5 PTFE membrane filtration devices are designed for PM2.5 ambient air testing during continuous monitoring. These high-purity, thin PTFE membrane filters are sequentially numbered and come with chemically resistant polypropylene support rings.

  • Polypropylene (PTFE) support rings for robotic air sampling and monitoring
  • Thermally stable design eliminates curling, keeps the membrane material flat, and makes the filter robot-friendly
  • Sequentially numbered filtration devices
  • Low tare mass for accurate gravimetric analysis and determinations

PTFE membrane filters offer high chemical resistance and mechanical strength

One of the major applications for the PTFE membranes is the clarification of corrosives, solvents, and aggressive fluids. This includes the important requirement in HPLC analysis for sample filtration where any solid particles can cause permanent damage to the column. Air and gas sterilization make use of the hydrophobic characteristics of PTFE membrane filters and their ability to stop aqueous aerosols.

Robotic air sampling for PM2.5 air monitoring

Continuous air monitoring methods require a chemically resistant air sampling filter material that can withstand environmental pollution potentially containing a variety of contaminants and can still deliver accurate results.

PM2.5 PTFE membrane filters from Cytiva business also feature a thermally stable design, making them ideal for ambient air monitoring. These membranes come in a polypropylene support designed for use in robotic air sampling of ambient air pollution.

PM2.5 air monitoring filter conformance

These air sampling filters conform to the PTFE Filters for EPA PM2.5 Reference Method, under the requirements of 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L.