17CHR Chroma sheets 46x57cm/25 (WH/MA/FO/3017915)


RM 5,725.00


Designed for preparative paper chromatography, nucleic acid blotting, and Western blotting.

Whatman Grade 17 Chr Cellulose Chromatography Papers are highly absorbent cellulose papers for preparative paper chromatography, Western blotting & nucleic acid blotting. Thick cellulose chromatography paper with uniform wicking and capillary action.


  • Wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action: important in chemical separations
  • Durable: suitable for heavy loadings
  • Flow rate: allows for very high flow rates (190 mm/30 min)
  • Widely used: in both protein and nucleic acid blotting

Manufactured and tested specifically for preparative paper chromatography

Whatman Grade 17 Chr Cellulose Chromatography Papers are pure cellulose. Our cellulose is produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters, with no additives of any kind. They are available in a wide variety of sizes – in both sheets and rolls.

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