BK Benchkote Reel 46cmx50m (WH/MA/FO/2300731)


RM 878.00


Cytiva’s Whatman Benchkote surface protector is an absorbent lab paper that protects surfaces against hazardous spills. After use, the bench protector sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations.

Benchkote Surface Protector, 460 mm × 50 m reel (1 pc)

  • Strong: Benchkote surface protector is strong and tear resistant when wet or dry
  • Ease-of-use: Smooth white surface can be written on with ink or pencil and lies flat
  • Clean: Suitable for saturation with disinfectant to protect benches where pathogens and other bacteria are present
  • Disposable: Benchkote paper can be incinerated after use
  • Safe combustion: Polyethylene layer is rapidly consumed when incinerated and does not melt or drip

The Whatman Benchkote surface protector range also features Benchkote Plus, our double-thickness absorbent lab paper.

Absorbent lab paper design

Benchkote surface protector from Cytiva’s business minimizes mess and contamination during spills. Benchkote material has a high-quality, smooth, absorbent lab paper layer that soaks up liquid spills. A second laminated polyethylene layer prevents flow-through to the working surface.