No. 105 Lens Tissue 10x15cm/25x25 (WH/MA/FO/2105841)


RM 714.00


High-quality whatman lens cleaning tissue, which is chemically pure and free from silicones and other additives

Grade 105 Lens Cleaning Tissue, sheet, 100 × 150 mm

  • Soft texture will not damage lenses or optical surfaces.
  • Chemically pure tissue is free from silicones and other additives.
  • High absorbency leads to increased safety upon removal of surface moisture and grease.
  • Very strong and leaves no fibers.

Lenses and other optical surfaces made from glass, quartz, or plastic can be easily scratched if they are not cleaned with a very soft tissue. High-quality whatman lens cleaning tissue provides the solution. It can be relied on to carefully and thoroughly remove surface moisture and grease.