GF/A GMF Circles 15.0cm/100 (WH/MA/CO/1820150)


RM 1,239.00


Grade GF/A binder-free Whatman glass fiber filters with fine particle retention, high capacity, fast flow rates for large-volume liquid and air filtration.

The filters feature fine particle retention for a range of liquid and air filtration applications. These have a nominal particle retention of 1.6µm at 98% efficiency and are suited for a variety of applications involving large sample volumes such as:

  • Water and air pollution monitoring and wastewater filtering
  • Foodstuff analysis
  • Filtering of algae and bacteria cultures
  • Protein filtration
  • Radioimmunoassay of weak β emitters
  • Gravimetric determination of airborne particulates

Grade GF/A binder-free Whatman glass microfiber filters are available in a wide range of sizes in circles and sheets.