No. 541 Filter Circles 11cm/100 (WH/MA/BO/1541110)


RM 377.00


Cytiva’s Whatman Grade 541 acid hardened cellulose filter paper features high wet-strength, high chemical resistance, and a large nominal particle retention for fast analytical filtration.

  • High wet-strength
  • High chemical resistance to strong acid and alkali suspensions
  • Retention of gelatinous precipitate
  • 22 µm nominal particle retention rating
  • Fast flow rate (Herzberg filtration speed 34 s)
  • Maximum of 0.006% ash concentration

Along with fast Grade 541 filter paper, the hardened, ashless range from Cytiva’s business includes general-purpose Grade 540 and Grade 542 for fine particle retention. All three paper grades are appropriate for use in gravimetric analysis with strong acids and alkali samples.

Gelatinous precipitate retention
Hardened ashless filter paper is recommended when fast filtration of a gelatinous precipitate for gravimetric analysis is performed on a strongly acidic or alkali solution. Applications of Grade 541 papers include:

  • Use as an animal foodstuff filter for determining fiber content
  • Determination of gelatin content in milk and cream
  • Quantification of chloride in cement, as well as chloride and phosphorous in coal and coke