No. 54 Filter Circles 9cm/100 (WH/MA/BO/1454090)


RM 567.00


Hardened low ash quantitative filter paper for fast Büchner and Hirsch funnel vacuum suction filtration for recrystallization applications.

This hard, smooth, high wet-strength Grade 54 fast filter paper enables collection of coarse and gelatinous precipitates with minimal fiber shredding, even when wet.

Fast filters for vacuum filtration

  • Higher nominal particle retention rating (22 µm) than comparable Buchner funnel filter papers
  • Fast filtration speed (Herzberg filtration speed 39 s)
  • High purity (0.015% ash maximum)
  • Acid-treated for high wet-strength and chemical resistance
  • Hardened to minimize fiber shedding
    Whatman low ash hardened filter paper for quantitative analysis is available in three grades. All three are designed for use in gravity and vacuum suction filtration in Büchner and Hirsch funnels.

All Whatman quantitative hardened low ash filter papers can be customized for an exact fit.