No. 44 Filter Circles 12.5cm/100 (WH/MA/BO/1444125)


RM 290.00


Cytiva’s Whatman Grade 44 quantitative paper is a thin version of Grade 42 ashless paper. The thinness reduces the overall ash content, making Grade 44 well suited for analyses relying on ash-free dry weight.

  • Accurate ash free dry mass measurements
  • Fine nominal particle retention rating of 3 µm
  • Filtration speed (Herzberg 995 s)
  • Typical thickness of 180 µm

Cytiva’s business offers other ashless grades with different particle retention ratings, as well as hardened ashless grades to ensure accurate measurement during analyses of samples that are strongly acidic/alkali.

Fast gravimetric analysis of fine particles
Gravimetric analysis can be time-consuming when filtration of fine particles is required. Because of its reduced thickness, Grade 44 ashless filter paper from Cytiva provides faster filtration of fine particles when compared with thicker papers of similar retention rating, such as Whatman Grade 42 paper.