No. 43 Filter Circles 9cm/100 (WH/MA/BO/1443090)


RM 237.00


Cytiva’s Whatman Grade 43 filters support inorganic analysis and other forms of instrumental analyses. The low ash content also makes Grade 43 appropriate for gravimetric analyses requiring sample combustion.

  • Very low ash content (0.007% ash concentration maximum)
  • Intermediate particle retention rating of 16 µm
  • Herzberg filtration speed of 155 s
  • Particle collection between that of Grades 40 and 41
  • Cytiva offers other ashless grades to ensure that you have the appropriate particle retention rating for your needs.
  • Hardened ashless grades are also available for analyses that use strong acid/alkali solutions.

Particle collection and inorganic analysis
Whatman Grade 43 from Cytiva’s business can be ashed during gravimetric analysis without contributing substantially to the measured weight. These filters are also appropriate for:

  • Inorganic analysis in the construction, mining, and steel industries
  • Particle collection for air pollution monitoring for subsequent analysis by X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) techniques
  • Soil analysis
  • Foodstuffs filtration analysis