No. 2V Filter Circles 18.5cm/100


RM 484.00


Compared with quadrant-folded filters, Cytiva’s Whatman Grade 2V pre-folded filter paper exposes extra surface area, which enables a higher loading capacity and shorter filtration time.

  • Medium flow and nominal particle retention rating of 8 µm
  • Herzberg filtration speed of 240 s
  • Fluted (pre-pleated) for easy use with conical filter funnels
  • Can be used for soil analysis or general filtration

Cytiva business offers a broad range of Whatman qualitative filter papers, including standard filter grades and wet-strengthened grades.

Pre-folded filters for seed and soil testing
Grade 2V pre-folded filter sheets are suitable for extracting samples from soil to support contaminant testing in the presence of weakly acidic solutions.

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