Double Ring, Qualitative, Medium, 12.5cm, 100/pk


RM 44.00


Double Ring cellulose filter papers are manufactured from high-quality cotton linters for use in general filtration and determination of the extent of particle retention. Sample volumes from high-milliliter to low-microliter levels can be filtered. Double Ring cellulose filter papers offer a wide choice of retention and flow rate combinations for numerous laboratory applications.

Qualitative filter paper is widely used in routine laboratory applications, including liquid clarification. The speed of filtration and particle retention depends on the particular grade of qualitative filter paper.

Medium grade qualitative filter papers are suitable for the filtration of highly dense liquids, such as sweet fruit pulps, wines, syrups, resin solutions, oil or plant extracts, and soaks of Chinese traditional medicine.

In addition to general laboratory applications, qualitative filter paper can be used for industrial production processes, such as pre-filtration and final filtration steps in the pharmaceutical industry, filtration steps in the production of medicines, filtration of chemical products, and filtration of electroplating liquids. For industrial use, the filter paper can be supported by placing a filter cloth, oil filter paper, filter boards, or metal filter net underneath.

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