Polycap HD 75, 0.2/0.45µm Inlet: 1/2 Hosebarb Outlet 1/2 Hosebarb 5/pk (WH/2710)


RM 5,946.00


Heavy duty polypropylene filters used in processing applications for general sample preparation, fine filtration and refiltration.

Whatman Polycap HD capsule filters are heavy duty polypropylene filters, commonly used in processing applications for general sample preparation; fine filtration; and refiltration for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.


Heavy duty polypropylene filter capsule for chemical processing

Whatman Polycap HD capsule filters are used in processing applications to filter buffers, solvents, reagents and emulsions across a wide range of industries including clean air and gas equipment, cosmetics and personal care, food and beverage, inks and pigments, pharmaceuticals, photography, semiconductors and magnetic media.

Chemical processing applications often require a capsule filter to ensure a finishing step that yields a high purity final product. Different solution temperatures and pH values can complicate filtration. Whatman Polycap HD capsule filters are manufactured with polypropylene filter media, support system and housing allow use with a broad range of solutions, pH, and temperatures. Sturdy construction enables high flow rate and high retention capacity for excellent filtrate purity.

  • Can be autoclaved with steam at 121°C for 20 min
  • Manual vent with luer lock to bleed air from upstream or serve as an injection or sample port
  • Available in 0.45, 1.0, 5.0, 10, or 20 µm pore sizes, as well as a variety of end-fitting configurations

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