Shark Skin Circles, 90mm 100/pk (WH/10347509)


RM 546.00


Whatman Shark Skin creped filter papers for edible oil, cocoa butter, and beverage purification; and electroplating bath purification.

Whatman Grade Shark Skin filter papers are a creped filter paper that is commonly used to remove impurities in a variety of applications, including:

  • Purification of edible oils, beverages, and cocoa butter for food and cosmetic uses. Reducing impurities lowers the amounts of reactants and increases the efficiency of the oil, which minimizes production costs and helps to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Removal of suspended solids for purification of electroplating baths
  • Protective paper for filter press cloths

Creped filter papers provide strength and surface area

  • Very thin with high wet strength: enables handling when wet; allows use under pressure; provides durability and structural support in aqueous filtration
  • Creped filter paper: has enlarged surface area that reduces duration of filtration and allows more stretch and flexibility
  • Durable: resistant to weak acids and bases

Whatman Grade Shark Skin Filter Papers (particle retention 8-12 µm) are a medium/slow filter paper made from super-refined cellulose. They are available in a variety of sizes, in both circles and sheets.