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Protherm Ashing Furnace. Max Temp: 1100`C, Capacity :15.0 L basic temp controller with timer

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PAF series, with preheated air inlet system and sideways opening lid is designed for ashing in the laboratory
environment. A special air intake and exhaust system allows air exchange within the furnace. Incoming air is
preheated, providing perfect temperature uniformity. PAF series is equipped with quartz protected heating
elements, providing a longer service life for the furnace. PAF series is recommended for heavy ashing
applications, where ashing requires extra air during the “firing process” from products such as oil, food and


  • Dual skin housing for low external temperatures and high inner temperature stability
  • Phosphate coated, and epoxy painted steel body outer case
  • Quartz covered wire heating elements positioned on both sides of the hot-zone for prime temperature uniformity
  • Preheated air inlet system
  • High durability brick door skirts & furnace floor
  • Parallel swing door
  • Door safety switch
  • Silent SSRs providing low-noise operation
  • Leak current circuit breaker providing additional operator safety
  • Over temperature alarm relay for furnace protection
  • Customized controller options
  • Large variety of accessory options
  • Easy maintenance design
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