ML303T/30243406 Mettler Toledo ML-T series Precision Balance,320g/1mg+IP54 protection

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Mettler Toledo ML Color touch screen with ever increasing demands from ISO, GLP and GMP, for example, you need a balance which can support your everyday weighing tasks with powerful integrated applications!
Capacity 320 g
Readability 1 mg
Repeatability (nominal load) 1 mg
Repeatability (typical SD) 0.7 mg
Response time (avg.) 1.5 s
Linearity (test load: 50g) 2 mg
Linearity deviation 0.6 mg
Eccentricity deviation (100g) 1.5 mg
Sensitivity offset (300g) 3 mg
Draft shield Height 230 mm
Minimum weight (U=1%, k=2) 140 mg
Pan (diameter) 120 mm
Balance dimension(WxDxH) 193x290x331 mm
Net weight approx. 4.2 kg
Weighing technology MonoBloc
Standard features/Equipment supplied:

– Fully Automatic Time & Temperature-
controlled Internal Adjustment (proFACT)
– MinWeigh warning function
– Wind ring for faster settling time
– Metal bottom housing (ABS/PC top
– Large 4.5” color TFT touchscreen
– Levelling alert & guidance function
– Easy cleaning with QuickLock for glass
– Overload protection
– AC/DC operated
– ISO log (records important changes)
– Up to 4 sample ID’s – for traceability
– Passcode protection for unauthorized
– 3 interfaces – USB devices, USB host &
– Bluetooth option
– PC-direct (no software needed)
– Built in Date and Time function
– Hanger for below-balance weighing
– SmartTrac Shows how much of the entire
weighing range has been used
– Diagnostics Easy running of balance
diagnostics test e.g. keypad test,
repeatability test
– Protective Cover Encloses the entire
housing protecting the balances from
stains and scratcher
– Easy-to-use application programs are
built-in as standard: piece counting,
percent weighing, dynamic weighing,

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