ME3002T/30216562 Mettler Toledo ME Series Top pan Balance, 3200g capacity with 0.01g readability (MT/ME3002T)


RM 8,745.00


ME-T balances are ideal for routine weighing procedures, with intuitive
touchscreen operation to make your daily tasks as simple as possible

Essential functionality is at your fingertips to provide you with accurate and reliable weighing results day after day.
These durable balances offer protection against dust and splashing liquids in everyday operation – prolonging balance life and ideal for weighing under harsh conditions.
Capacity 3200 g
Readability 0.01 g
Tare range (subtractive) 3200 g
Response time (avg.) 1.5 s
Repeatability 0.01 g
Repeatability (Typical) 0.007g
Linearity 0.02 g
Minimum weight (U=1%, k=2) 1.4 g
Min Weight (USP) 14 g
Pan (diameter) 180×180 mm
Balance dimension(WxDxH) 200x319x100 mm
Net weight approx. 3.8 kg
Sensitivity temperature drift 3 ppm/°C
Standard features/Equipment supplied
– Fully Automatic calibration technology
– Metal Base, ABS top
– 4.5” large color TFT touchscreen
– Built in Date and Time function
– Hanger for below-balance weighing
– Overload protection
– Reinforced body
– State-of-the-art weighing technology
(Electromagnetic Force Compensation Weighing Cell)
– Leveling indicator located beside the
– Up to 4 Sample ID – to avoid confusion
between samples & provide traceability
– 8 built-in application
– Rounded edges and smooth surfaces for
easy cleaning
– SmartTrac Shows how much of the entire
weighing range has been used
– Protective Cover Encloses the entire
housing protecting the balances from
stains and scratches
– Anti-theft locking
– Passcode protection
– 3 interfaces – USB device, USB host &
– PC direct application for easy data
– Statistics – improved management of
weighing data
– Dosing Weighing mode

GREEN MT Technology
– Up to 50% lower power consumption
– selection of non-critical materials –
PVC free, mercury free
– Energy efficient manufacturing and