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Mettler Toledo Stainless Steel Weight Set, OIML Class F1, 1mg - 5Kg (28 pcs) (MT/30402687)

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Weight set 1mg-5kg F1AC PL E

Standard Line Weights.Set F1 OIML class weight in a plastic box including accessories for handling and cleaning

For Standard Environments

Affordable quality weights for regular routine testing without the need for traceability

Adjusting Cavity

Each knob weight has an adjusting cavity, which simplifies weight adjustment without the need for specialized equipment

Specifications – Weight set 1mg-5kg F1AC PL E
Susceptibility X < 0.2
Density p 7950 (± 140) kg/m3
Calibration Certificate No
Box Plastic box (included)
Material 304 Stainless steel
Content (set up) 1 mg – 5 kg (28 pieces)
OIML Class F1
Nominal Value 1 mg – 5 kg
Material Number(s) 30402687