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NucleoSpin Plasmid EasyPure (250)


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Ultrafast and ease of use Mini preparation of plasmid DNA

ApplicationHigh copy plasmid DNA purification
TargetPlasmid DNA
CE certifiedNo, research use only
TechnologySilica membrane technology
FormatMini prep
Package unit10 Prep(s), 50 Prep(s), 250 Prep(s)
HandlingCentrifugation, vacuum
Lysate clarificationCentrifugation
Automated useNo
Sample materialBacteria, E. coli
Sample amount1−5 mL
Vector size< 25 kbp
Typical yield15−30 µg
Theoretical binding capacity35 µg
Typical purity A260/A2801.8−1.85
Endotoxin level> 50 EU/µg DNA
Elution volume50 µL
Preparation time14 min/6 preps
Typical downstream applicationCloning, PCR, Restriction analysis, Sequencing, Transformation
Storage temperature18−25 °C
Shelf life (from production)27 Months
Hazardous materialYes