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HiPrep Q FF 16/10


RM 5,417.00


HiPrep Q FF is a strong anion exchanger prepacked with Q Sepharose Fast Flow, ready-to-use for fast, preparative separations of proteins and other biomolecules using ion exchange (IEX) chromatography.

  • HiPrep columns provide fast, reliable, and reproducible preparative ion exchange separations.
  • Good flow rates and high capacity.
  • The industry standard for ion exchange chromatography.
  • Compatible with single-pump configurations and chromatography systems such as ÄKTA design.
  • Use a weak ion exchanger if the selectivity of a strong ion exchanger is insufficient.

HiPrep Q FF are prepacked, ready to use columns for ion exchange chromatography. They provide fast, preparative separations of proteins and other biomolecules.