Platform Shakers - vibrating Shakers : Titramax 1000 (HD/544-12200-00)


RM 6,500.00


Titramax 1000

P/N: 544-12200-00

The one with temperature-control

The largest model of the Titramax series contains all the features of the Titramax 100: a shaking orbit of 1.5 mm, speeds of up to 1,350 rpm, and a timer.

With a storage capacity of up to six multi-well plates, a higher number of samples can be processed. The option to integrate the Titramax 1000 into the modular incubation system also allows temperature-controlled processes to be carried out without problems.

With this model, easy loading and removal of the plates can be carried out comfortably due to the recess and the spacings in the rubber mat.

Titramax 1000 – Technical Data

Motion vibrating
Rotation speed range 150 – 1,350 rpm
Operating Mode timer or continous
Orbit / Stroke 1.5 mm
Timer Yes
Power input 31 W
Platform size 290 x 258 mm
Max. Load 5 kg
Overheat protection self-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP 30