Platform Shakers - wave Shakers : Polymax 1040 (5° Angle)


RM 8,074.00


Polymax 1040 (5° tilt angle)

P/N: 543-42205-00

The one with temperature-control

The 1000 series device can be integrated into the incubation system. This makes temperature-controlled applications with the Polymax 1040 possible.

With a load weight of up to 5 kg, all the required samples can be moved on this platform wave shaker. The speed can be adjusted between 2 – 50 rpm and the device can be operated either continuously or with a timer (max. 120 minutes).

Polymax 1040 (5° tilt angle) – Technical Data

Rotation speed range2 – 50 rpm
Operating Modetimer or continous
Orbit / Stroke
Power input115 W
Platform size290 x 258 mm
Max. Load5 kg
Overheat protectionself-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 40
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