Platform Shakers - rocking Shakers : Duomax 1030 (5° Angle) (HD/543-32205-00)


RM 8,950.00


Duomax 1030 (5° tilt angle)

P/N: 543-32205-00

Containers are safely fixed on the anti-slip rubber mat even at high speeds. The speed is variably adjustable between 2 and 50 rpm. The shaker can be operated in continuous operation or with a timer (max. 120 minutes).

A tilt angle of 5° is recommended for applications for which a gentle movement amplitude is suitable. If the application requires stronger shaking, the model can also be obtained with an angle of 10°.

Additionally, the Duomax 1030 can be integrated into the modular incubator model.

Duomax 1030 (5° tilt angle) – Technical Data

Motion rocking
Rotation speed range 2 – 50 rpm
Operating Mode timer or continous
Orbit / Stroke
Timer Yes
Power input 115 W
Platform size 290 x 258 mm
Max. Load 5 kg
Overheat protection self-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP 20