Platform Shakers - wave Shakers : Polymax 2040 (5° Angle)


RM 13,242.00


Polymax 2040 (5° tilt angle)

P/N: 542-40005-00

The resilient one

With a usable area of 390 x 340 mm, the Polymax 2040 is the optimal shaker for increased sample throughput. Since it can be equipped with a second storey, the area can even be doubled. This model is also offered with two tilt angles, so you can decide which option will best fit your needs.

Polymax 2040 (5° tilt angle) – Technical Data

Rotation speed range2.5 – 50 rpm
Operating Modetimer or continous
Orbit / Stroke
Power input115 W
Platform size390 x 340 mm
Max. Load10 kg
Overheat protectionself-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 20
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