Reax 20 / 8 (HD/541-20008-00)


RM 19,400.00


Reax 20 – for 8 bottles (1-16 rpm)

P/N: 541-20008-00

The resilient one with a capacity of up to 8 bottles (picture similar)

The Reax 20 is an ideal shaker for processing and storing samples that tend to sediment. The fields of application range from environmental technology to paint processing and quality assurance in the materials industry.

The maximum permissible weight is 30 kg, so that samples with a high solid content can also be properly mixed. Since this device sets great forces in motion, it is equipped with an emergency stop switch for your safety.

This overhead shaker can be ordered with a capacity of 48 or 12 bottles. Also suitable for mixing cylinders or wide-neck bottles.

Reax 20 – for 8 bottles (1-16 rpm) – Technical Data

Motion overhead
Rotation speed range 1 – 16 rpm
Operating Mode
Orbit / Stroke
Power input 280 W
Platform size
Max. Load 30 kg
Overheat protection self-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP 21